Women#RedefineRules to Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges, 2030


The world is in crisis. All across the globe, industries are trying to apply outdated thinking to modern problems. Instead of utilizing the incredible resource and powerhouse that can be found within the female population, we continually leave women out of the equation. If we want a chance for an equal future and solving the grand challenges facing humanity, we must not only include women in innovation, we need to put them in the very center. 

Continuing to do business the way it’s always been done is not enough. Our planet is at a breaking point. It is imperative that we make a considerable change. In today’s modern world, companies can be both profitable and sustainable. By delivering on three bottom lines, planet, people, and profit, companies can impact peace and purpose through incorporating the power of women.

Women are at the center of innovation and are extremely crucial to the emerging future of our planet. Protecting our planet’s economy, and we can help women realize their full potential and redefine the rules to improve the world.

Rupa Dash, CEO, World Woman Foundation

Women are the most powerful consumers on the planet, driving 80% of all purchasing decisions. Women influence more than $20 trillion of consumer spending. That amount is expected to reach $30 trillion in the next five years. It is clear to see that women power the global economy. We are excited to launch the World Woman Future Institute; the Global Moonshot Initiative for Equal Future is an ambitious project aimed at accelerating women’s leadership in a bold new way for a better planet and a better economy. 

There are already women around the world who are fighting to save our planet. You can find impressive stories of women working hard to halt the climate crisis, protect the Earth’s surface, and promote global biodiversity. As women begin to be considered equals and are given a stronger voice and platform, their impact will be unimaginable. When women are properly equipped with the tools and support, they can make incredible strides in protecting the planet. Women are promoting reproductive health around the globe, educating other women on their health and family planning. These efforts make significant progress towards reducing uninhibited population growth that ultimately impacts climate change.

Gender equality brings about reduced conflict. Women have an incredible opportunity to support fellow women and make an impact in the lives of others. Instead of focusing on conflict and competition, women are redefining the rules by building one another up and harnessing the power of collaboration. Women with close groups of female contacts are more likely to be successful in business and achieve higher authority and pay.

The globe’s economy would crumble without women. Events are being organized around the world to highlight just how much economic significance women have in our modern world. Only once women’s position and importance in the global economy are fully recognized, can they be appropriately valued. Women make up about 47% of the U.S. workforce and fulfill about two-thirds of the minimum wage jobs in the country. Without women, the workforce would collapse, and the world’s production of goods and services would come to a screeching halt. Thankfully, progress is being made by women every day. Women currently hold 29% of senior management roles, the highest number ever.

Today’s strategies for peace often leave women entirely out of the picture. Women have contributed significantly to the prevention and resolution of conflicts around the world, but they do not usually get a seat at the negotiating table. However, when women’s organizations are included in peace agreements, these agreements are 64% less likely to fail, and they are 35% more likely to last for 15 years or more. 

All of the many impacts of women today are changing the purpose of our global economy. Instead of focusing on competition and tearing one another down, women are encouraging others to support one another and come together to promote positive change. By leading the charge for innovation, women are poised to be the most significant impact on our futures.

By 2030, the roles of women in society will change exponentially.

To ignite higher value, reach audacious goals, and building a more purpose-driven eco-system demands a new kind of thinking. We are witnessing an Emergent Future. And women are in the center of that Emergent Future. And the World Woman Future Institute is right on timing and to see what’s possible in the near future – with an inclusive moonshot approach. World Woman Future Institute, the Global Moonshot Initiative for Equal Future is proud to support the female game-changers and innovators who are making the world a better place by redefining the rules for the planet, people, profit, peace, and purpose. 

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