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Entrepreneur and Filmmaker Rupa Dash Tells us how to Stay Ahead of the Game


Meet Rupa Dash, an Indian entrepreneur and filmmaker from Cuttack, Odisha. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Dash is the co-founder and CEO of Dash Global Media, an entertainment company recognized for film packaging, global brand strategies and financing for world cinema. A firm believer and advocate for gender equality and women’s development, Dash is also the co-founder and CEO of World Women Foundation, a non-profit organization providing […]

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The Power Of Audible Silence: Self-Discovery, Love, and Reflection


In life, where the relentless beats of modern existence echo through every moment, I yearned for a different rhythm, born not of chaos but of the quietude that dwells within. The pursuit of self-discovery through audible silence, rather than being a retreat, became a courageous plunge into the depths of my being. The discomfort that often wrapped itself around me in the […]

Photo by Alexander Hipp on Unsplash

A New Pathway to Unleash Youth Identity as Changemakers


All around us there are obvious signs of civic and political engagement. Whether it be the latest trending hashtag on social media, or simply a gathering of protesters in our nation’s capital. A closer look reveals that young adults – even teenagers – are participating and even taking the lead in efforts to change our world. The goal here is to understand why youths are becoming the new face of global change, with a keen focus on social justice, but also with related issues of identity, motivation and making sense in their path through this world disorder.

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